Clay from Bat Trang, caconnier seeds harvested in Cau gay

Chi Ceramic Workshop
Cau Gay Cooperative of artisans women

In collaboration with Amandine David, Chi Ceramic Workshop, Spin Asia - Sustainable Product Innovation Project - and Marine Gift Social Entreprise, Cau Gay, Hanoi - VI

SPIN (Sustainable Product Innovation Project), an eco-design research laboratory, and Marine Gift Social Enterprise associated to jointly reflect on the local resources from the national parks and protected geographical areas of Vietnam, define new applications, diversify potential activities generated by the materials available in each region concerned, revitalize craft production and find out how to give people the means to reclaim their own traditional skills for different uses.

As part of this collaboration, a series of several workshops was set up in the Ninh Thuan province devoted to the use of caconniers seeds (also called «pearl trees») harvested by the women from Cau Gay village, members of the Racklay ethnic group. These red and black seeds are collected, dried and then drilled to become pearls.

Women from this village make jewelry they sell at home or at some markets. Although these achievements require long working hours, they are not very profitable.

This project was born from these observations and aimed at setting off each seed in order to limit their number per item by treating them as little gems. Ceramic used as an enhancing material helped to highlight these tiny seeds through a line of jewel cases, with interchangeable pedestals and inner while cups that hide the content. Each hand-perforated item can be embroidered with seeds according to different drawings and patterns. The rhythms are variables so that the collection can evolve afterwards.