Hors Pistes Book

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Publication by Hors Pistes Project
Offset impression made in Ouagadougou

Karim Bassegoda, artist & graphist designer
Raphaël Faure, artist & artistic director
Fabrice Schneider, photographer

By organizing residencies, Hors Pistes initiates creative exchanges between artisans and designers. During a residency of several months, designers and craftsmen share their skills and explore different techniques together. The resulting collaborations promote the transfer of craftsmanship and revisit cultural heritage by proposing new applications of traditional manufacturing methods. An editorial crew follows the workshops to capture the residency'sworking atmosphere and its living environment.
During my residency in Ouagadougou alongside the team Hors Pistes, I made many photographs of the neighborhoods where I worked and I lived with other residents. As I crossed part of the city to go to the weaving workshop every day, I captured some "surprises" along the way. A selection of these photographies made during my residency are part of the book directed by Karim Bassegoda, Raphael Faure and Fabrice Schneider.