Plastique recyclé, verre soufflé

En collaboration avec Philippe Garenc

Workshop sur le neutre auprès des étudiants
créateurs concepteurs verriers au sein du Cerfav,
Paris, Vannes-le-Châtel – FR

With repetition comes condensation and opacity.
It accumulates into
shades of gray and ends up looking like a moire metal. Thickness is formed from transparent units.
The neutral offers a vision that contradicts anylogic based on the dichotomy of values. The neutral is the included third, derived from the maximum contradiction. It is the figure of the colorless, the grisaille of tones, the slight difference, the effort of differentiation. 
This shade becomes an organizing principle of organization that supersedes the usual binary paradigm: the Space is exhaustively nuanced, moiré, like a continuous process.
The moire changes finely according to the inclination of the gaze.

"The thought of the neutral is a limit-thought, on the verge of language, at the edge of color because it's about thinking non-language, non-color (but not the absence of color, transparency)".

Gilles Deleuze, Mille Plateaux, Ed Minuit, 1980.