Ngo Dong


Ngo dong fiber

Nguyen Thi Muon Weaving Workshop, last ngo dong weaver of the Cham Islands

In collaboration with Spin Asia – Sustainable Product Innovation Project – & Marine Gift Social Entreprise, Cham Islands, Hanoï – VI

Ngo Dong is a natural fiber which comes from mountain trees on Cham Island (Central Vietnam). It is in fact their bark which is dried and cut by hand into irregular strips. This rare material can only be found on this small island, now part of a protected natural area.

Very few people use it because it is difficult to obtain a string regular enough for weaving. Today only a few women weave it to make hammocks, entirely by hand, which often requires several months of work and yields minimal profits. This tedious work repels the younger generations who turn away from this know-how and from Ngo Dong fiber
whereas the transmission of this expertise would allow to improve the fabrication techniques and hopefully lead to multiple applications.

Through a new partnership between SPIN and Marine Gift Social Enterprise, many research projects have been conducted to develop faster but also easier weaving techniques and highlight the material and its particular textile spongy texture. Each research project aims at inspiring a different way to design and diversify the production, improve the methods of implementation and the finishing process and concurrently bring out the deficiencies of this natural fabric.