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Woven vinyl flooring, irregular threads

Bolon Manufacture

A collaboration between Jean Nouvel Design
& Bolon Manufacture, Ulricehamn - SU

My task in this project was to see how to use industrial weaving techniques  -- based on repetition and combinatorial systems -- but still obtain an infinity of variations by combining woven slab modules, and still provide a coherent and unified floorwhole. To achieve that effect, the edge disappear, hidden among the “glitch” pattern of the slab’s surface. Every slab is different but can be connected to any other one.

Shades in colors, thickness and positionning create infinite kinetic variations. Unrepeated patterns gradually appear, with irregular textures, gradients, sfumato and rhythms. Light variations of colored intensity break the monochromes.

"A soil that would be without pattern nor repetition. A series of variations and combinatorial systems that could program textures. We start with a monochrome, playing on the three thicknesses of our thread, creating irregularities. We introduce colors, strings, yarns that are in different shades every 10 centimeters, others every 30 centimeters. We need to think about Buren’s work. We create a random vocabulary from which combinatories are developed ".

Jean Nouvel