Son à coque


Seashells & bamboo

Nam Dinh Artisan Cooperative

In collaboration with Amandine David, Nam Dinh Artisan Cooperative & Spin Asia - Sustainable Product InnovationProject, Hanoi - VI

Son à coque is a percussion project based on shells and bamboo. This collection of small objects was born from a collaboration between SPIN (Sustainable Product Innovation Project) and various groups of women from fishing villages in the Nam Dinh province.

A large part of this area is protected for its fauna and flora. Fishing is allowed there but under very tight control and the occupation of a large majority of women is to sell or cook the fish caught by the fishermen. A lot of them want to diversify their activity by using the resources that are available to them locally.

By organizing themselves in a cooperative, they create objects from shells, collected in large quantities by fishing or on the beaches, they pool all the raw material as well as their production.

From these resources we created a collection of percussions based on the sounds produced by the shells. These instruments operate on a principle of three bamboo modules, allowing a cutting and rapid perforation, as well as a declination in different proposals for assembling shellfish on each base.